Welcome to The Willys MB Story

Welcome to The Willys MB Story
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Welcome to The Willys MB Story

Postby TomW » Wed Feb 04, 2015 3:51 pm


All interested WW2 Military Willys-Overland nuts. I plan for this site to be a point where WW2 military Willys-Overland vehicle research / information ( mostly MBs ) can be shared without the drama seen on other sites. ( The screw-up factor will be a number significantly less than one so be sure to have your big boy / girl pants on when using this site.)

Acceptance of persons registering for access to this site will be at the sole discretion of the site administrator.

You will notice that this site is different from most in that there are many narrow focused groupings which have threads such as " discussion groups ", " locked data groups ", and more general " areas ". The idea is that as users post actual verified / documented data in the discussion groups it can be moved to the corresponding data groups so that the site becomes a crowd sourced living document with easy to find data organized by major items following along the format of many WW2 parts manuals.

Also you will find that the size of up-loaded attachments is much greater than on many sites. Idea max. size is around 965 x 800 .

To help cover the cost of research ( by myself and others ) / site upkeep ( see the Contribution /Donation Thread ), this site will only be able to be fully accessible by persons/companies/groups that donate funds and / or other useful data on Willys-Overland military vehicles for use on this site. Right now there is no set donation dollar amount but this could change if a lot of very low end amounts are given to just get something for next to nothing. Related to this is the fact that there is no banner ads nor google type ads pushing what it thinks you want to buy based on what you recently clicked on. Remember this site will only be as good as what you put into it.

Registered non-contributing members will only have partial use of the site.

Guests and new accepted members ( not yet moved to Registered Non-contributing or Registered Contributing memberships ) will have a read only view of the site limited mostly to just the headings.

Have fun!

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